Scientific and business meetings
The Association will hold annual scientific and business meetings in Japan and in various foreign countries. Lectures focusing on international themes relating to early childhood education and memorial lectures are also presented.

International Early Childhood Education Seminar
IAECE provides an in-service meeting every year. The purpose of this meeting is to aid practitioners in connecting theories and practice. The activities consist of dramatic play, construction play, games, play that involves large and fine motor skills, music, dance, drawing, etc.
The Association also introduces and gives lectures on early childhood education in various countries including the USA, England, Canada, France, Germany, China, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand and Mongolia etc. The Association also schedules plenary lectures and panel discussions.

The following are examples of such activities.

<<Plenary lectures>>
  1. Montessori Education - “special focus on Self-development and Cultural Message”
    -- Dr. KJ Luhmer, former director of Sophia University, Japan.
  2. The role of teachers in early childhood education and networks in the world
    -- Hannah Polowy (The University of British Columbia)
  3. Considering the origin of education which fosters the development of highly active children in the 21st century.
    -- Sadao Murayama (Emeritus Professor of the Japan Women's University)
  4. Children in Nemunoki Gakuen and Environments
    -- Mariko Miyagi (Principle of the Nemunoki Gakuen)
  5. The loveliness of life - Now, we consider education -
    -- Kenjiro Kaitani (Children痴 novelist)

<<Panel Discussion>>
  1. Creating an environment and education for children living in the 21st century
    -- Panelists from the USA, Germany, Mexico and Japan
  2. Hope for Japanese Kindergarten and child-day care centers: the search for communication with foreign children and parents.
    -- Panelists from the USA, China, Germany and Mongolia.
  3. Globalization and problems of early childhood education.
    -- Panelists from France, Thailand, the USA and Japan
  4. Child rearing in early childhood in the world.
    -- Panelists from the USA, France, Germany, Hong Kong and the Philippines.
  5. What should we provide for children living in the 21st century?
    -- Panelists from Indonesia, the USA, Pakistan, Canada and Japan

Visits, training and practice in foreign countries
Members and the Board of Directors of the Association will visit foreign institutions involved in early childhood education and practice.
  1. The early childhood education seminar has been continuously organized by Dr. Noriko Saito, Professor Emeritus at California State University and a Vice-president of the Association. The seminar involves training in the practice of early childhood education and also practice in English conversation and sight-seeing. This seminar has a high reputation.
  2. The training and practice tour at the University of British Columbia, Canada has been held 29 times to date.
  3. The members visited the University of Hawaii, the University of Southern California, and the Kindergarten and Mother goose-school at Stanford University, and received training in the practices of early childhood education based on the Piaget theory.
  4. Members observed Montessori education in Italy, and practiced the Steiner education system in Germany. We also visited and observed early childhood education in France, England, Switzerland, Austria, China, Taiwan, Korean, Australia, Denmark, and New Zealand, and did sight-seeing as well.

Publications of journal and newsletter
The Association publishes the official journal, The Journal of International Association of Early Childhood Education (The Journal of IAECE) annually for research papers submitted by the general membership.
The Association publishes biannually the・IAECE Newsletter ・which includes various information connecting the Association activities such as the annual meeting and seminar, research meetings, information on various up-to-date foreign early childhood education, reports on the training and practice tour in foreign countries, introduction to kindergartens and day care centers, as well as reviews of published books.

The research conferences are held to share and to learn diverse views on early childhood education from all over the world. There have been heated discussions among members of the Association and with invited speakers. The past conferences were held near Tokyo; however, they are now held in different locations. The topics are, for example,鼎hild-rearing and education for the foreign children living in Japan蚤nd鼎ounseling for child-rearing・

Lectures and Panel Discussion
The Association holds seminars and panel discussions when foreign visitors came to Japan.

We welcome foreigners who visited us to see early childhood education in Japan
When foreign visitors come to Japan to observe our early childhood education programs and day care centers and wish to exchange research studies, we arrange visits to kindergartens and day care centers to which our association members belong. To date, specialists from the USA, Canada, Taiwan and North Korea have visited.

Publication of books
The Association has published books relating to international early childhood education.
  1. “Child-rearing and play in the world : reports from visits to 24 countries”
    -- Edited by the IAECE, Maruzen Mates Pub.
    -- 2400 yen
  2. “Child discipline in the world”
    -- Edited by Sadao Murayama, Myogen Shobou.
    -- 2500 yen

Books and articles published by our members are reported in a newsletter as book reviews.