IAECE Goals and Objective
The goals of International Association of Early Childhood Education are to enhance international studies by sharing views among educators and practitioners in the early childhood community and to develop methods for creative teaching and a better learning environment for young children. In order to accomplish our goals, we host an annual research conference, seminars, and meetings in different countries. We also encourage members to visit and study early childhood education and its practices in different countries. These activities are important cultural as well as educational experiences. IAECE members include early childhood practitioners, administrators, professors and other individuals who are interested in early childhood education. Global education is a vital part of IAECE ; therefore, we invite anyone who wishes to participate and share knowledge to join.
IAECE President,
Fuminori Nakatsubo

A Brief History of the Association
The International Association of Early Childhood Education (IAECE) was founded in 1978 mainly by the late Professor Emeritus of the Japan Women’s University, Sadao Murayama (Honorary President of the Association), as well as by persons who were interested and actively involved in the international exchange of early childhood education.
We have approximately 300 members who include teachers in early child education and day care-centers, directors, principals, and professors of early childhood education or researchers who are interested in this field. Many international members have newly joined us in recent years. Honorary members are Dr. C. K, Kamii, Professor, the University of Alabama, USA, and Dr. K. Luhmer, the former director of the Sophia University, Japan. The foreign vice presidents of are Dr. Noriko Saito, Professor Emeritus at California State University from the USA and Dr. Chung Kum Ja, Professor at Taegu University in South Korea and Dr Fang Junming, Professor of East China Normal University in China

Organization of the association
Board members of the association include the Honorary President, President, Vice-President, the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the Directors and the Treasurer. Active committees are concerned with research and publishing, editorials, public affairs, newsletters, research training in foreign countries, association and membership development and meetings.

Benefits for members
  1. Members who wish to visit pre-kindergartens, kindergartens or day care centers in different countries are eligible to join the training and practice tour in the foreign countries. Those tours are arranged by the Association each year.
  2. Members have the opportunity to publish their papers at the annual meeting. They can also participate in the seminars, conferences meetings, lectures, and panel discussions. These activities will provide in depth knowledge as well as raise issues and track trends in early childhood education.
  3. The official journal “The Journal of IAECE”and the newsletter are distributed to members free of charge and members are eligible to obtain new information in Japan and foreign countries as well. Members are eligible to submit papers to the official journal and newsletter.
  4. Members are eligible to organize lectures or scientific meetings by invitation of the Board of Directors or other members of the Association.

To become a member of the Association
Persons wishing to apply for membership, please complete this application form and send it to the office by mail or FAX. The Association is open to all individuals who are involved in early childhood education or child rearing and researchers and persons who are interested in early child education and child rearing. When you are approved for membership, the Association will notify you of the results.

International Association of Early Childhood Education / IAECE
Office  c/o Prof. FUKUI, Itsuko
Faculty of Human Development and Education, Kobe Shinwa Women’s University
7-13-1 Suzurandai-Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kobe, 651-1111, Japan
  E-Mail: iaece.office@gmail.com